Building an aspnetcore linux docker image with Snowflake ODBC drivers installed and DSN configured

So we’re in the middle of testing Snowflake as a data warehouse solution and in addition to testing out it’s performance and general experience, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to communicate with it […]


So the problem to solve today is environments as it comes to the event store implementation. Currently, we have 3 different environments, prod, qa, and dev. In true essence of COMPLETELY BLASPHEMY, the previous implementation had a single database that […]

First push… the event store

So we went with event store ( and so far, it’s working pretty well out of the box, but I think we’re already starting to deal with some of the issues that come with event sourcing which is making sure […]

Step 1: What do our instincts tell us?

The neat thing about this project is that it’s greenfield but… not. We understand our domain pretty well and we have an existing system to use as a reference, we just need to bring the system up to date with […]

The new challenge

So a few months ago, we got a new CTO that came to us from eBay and Amazon. His vision? Rejuvenate the software vision and maybe even convert us from an agency with a tech department to a tech company […]

So, I created a new log tailer/monitor…

So we were getting a bit frustrated with some of the popular log tailing solutions out there. Nothing *quite* fit what we needed so I decided to roll my own. I did it in .Net 4.5.1 using C# 6.0 and […]

Why do you code?

I responded to this question on reddit. I just wanted to archive this here —————————————– It is a puzzle that will never be fully solved, and a discipline that you will never master because its “mastery” in this field is […]

Short circuit your code, for science!

I think that the topic of short-circuiting is an under-appreciated one. In short, short-circuiting is simply ending an evaluation the instant it becomes false:

In this example, the second condition doesn’t get evaluated in either case. In the first […]

No really; why should I bother with interfaces? (interfaces in c# part 3)

This is a follow up to my 2 video tutorial “Interfaces in C#”. There were some comments left on the YouTube thread suggesting that some folks are understanding how interfaces work, but still don’t see the point in using them. […]

What the heck is a lambda?

Lambdas? That’s a frat right? Why are they in C#? No no… it’s not a frat! Lambdas are simply a syntax that we use to define anonymous methods. What’s an anonymous method? It’s a method that has no declaration. What’s […]