Interesting detailed dream

A break from coding to document a dream. I thought it was interesting maybe not so much for the content so much as the detail. I remember exact images, times, thoughts, and words.

I was in Hawaii (where I grew up) with a close friend of mine, Tasia.

We drove to the beach and we were in a truck. In the back of our truck was all of our stuff but nothing was packed in the suit cases, just stuffed to the brim of the truck bed.

We parked on the edge of the parking lot, practically on the sand by some shady characters that certainly did not like us. My friend wanted to go bask in the sun and we were worried that by leaving the truck here, these shady characters would certainly steal everything. We tried to find somewhere else to go, standing outside of the truck looking around the area, but we could make up our minds so we chose to stay where we were. We started walking out on to the beach looking for somewhere to sit and relax.

I needed to leave and go back to the hotel but I don’t remember why, so I left, but not in our truck. I headed back on foot.

I before long, I realized that I couldn’t find the hotel room and I started questioning whether or not I even knew what hotel we were staying in. I recall thinking to myself it might have been “the boston market” (which obviously isn’t a hotel) but I always stay in the Mariott. I knew that I was parked in B2 and now I’m looking for my car (not sure how I ended up on this quest since our truck was still back at the beach and my car was back home), so now I’m searching for my car.

I get into a tiny elevator that is super clostrophobic. It barely fits me and I have to sit down in order to fit. I recall thinking to myself “This seems to not be used often, I wonder if this was a bad idea”. It’s hot and I’m waiting for it to get down to B2 in a random parking garage. It’s taking FOREVER and I’m starting to worry that I’m going to be stuck in this little box forever. I start saying out loud “COME ONNNNNN!” several times. Then I think to myself that maybe this elevator moves really slow so people don’t get motion sick. I look through the cracks in the door and I see that I am indeed moving so that made me feel better. Finally it gets there. When I get out of the elevator, I realize that this isn’t the correct parking garage.

I reach in my pocket for the key fob and press the button and I can hear the horn honk an it’s near by. Maybe 6 rows away, but this isn’t the right garage — also the keys I’m holding is for my car back home, so I think it’s a coincedence that it’s honking some other car’s horn, so I don’t even go looking for it. I walk outside of the garage and see the street and realize that somehow, this elevetor put me a few buildings behind what I thought was my hotel.

I head back in that direction but the area is full of people like it’s New York. I finally get into building and find an elevator. I get into it and it’s a little bit bigger. Still super narrow where the walls are touching my arms, and I can sort of stand up but not all of the way. I press B2 and the elevator takes me to B2 at a more reasonable pace.

I get out on this floor and realize this is a) not B2 and b) not the right garage. I start pressing the button my key fob and no sound is heard. So I start heading to what I think is the Mariott. It has to be the Mariott. I’m still presing my key fob as I’m leaving. At one point I thought I heard a honk off in the distance, but it was so far that it had to be in a different garage down the street or something.

When I get into the Mariott building, my surroundings were familiar. I’m looking for my car but now I feel like I should find our room. Like I need to prove to myself that this is at least the correct hotel. Maybe the location of my car is written down somewhere.

Through this entire adventure, I’m thinking to myself that I hope my friend is doing ok and isn’t mad that I’ve been gone so long having left her alone.

I don’t recall finding my room, but I remember suddenly holding my plane tickets in my hand. Now I’m panicking. Holy crap, we’re supposed to be on our return flight TODAY at 5pm and it’s already 2:13pm. I return home to Hawaii every year and usually spend a week there, so I wasn’t thinking about leaving quite yet as it has only been a couple days.

I start running. I need to run back to the beach and tell my friend that we’re going to miss our flight and she’s going to be late to work. Why didn’t she realize this? She was just following me; I’m always the planner and take lead. She had taken the risk to come to Hawaii with me knowing she’d have to be back to work on Monday morning. I run down to the lobby and I see someone that knows me standing by the door. They see me sprinting down the hall in their direction and they give me an amused and confused look. I yell “I’m fucked.” to them as I bolt by and out the door.

When I get outside, I start running around trying to find the road that will lead me back to the beach where my friend is waiting, but I’m having trouble finding it. There are trees, hills, and run down buildings blocking my ability to get the lay of the land. After looking around for a while, I look up to a clearing on the horizon and I can see the ocean from where I’m standing, but I realize it’s really far away. How the heck did I get this far away? We’re never going to make it with only a couple hours until our flight. I still need to find my car and my friend. Then I look down at my watch and I see that it is now 5:23. Oh wait, we’ve already missed our flight.

Then I get a text from my friend. I’m sure she’s about to ask me where the heck I am. I pull out my phone and I see the preview of the message (not the whole thing). She’s asking me something like “Why do you want people to tell you the truth…”. I assume that she’s laying on the beach letting her mind wander and it slipped into some philosophical rabbit hole, so I didn’t think much of it. I don’t open the message to read the whole thing because I don’t have time. But as I’m closing the notification I notice the clock only says 2:13pm again. I must have looked at the wrong number a moment ago. I realize that I still have some time, and start heading back to the hotel.

I’m walking back to the hotel thinking to myself that now I’m really far away from the hotels; I ran too far thinking I was going to run all the way to the beach and now I’m probably equally as far from the beach as I am from the hotel. I decide to head back to the hotel and while I’m walking, I’m thinking about getting to the airport. We need to find my car (still not sure why), pack our stuff, get to the airport, get through security, and so on. Is it even possible or should I just try and reschedule our tickets? I remember thinking that we can’t reschedule our tickets. What am I going to do?

I then start processing a bunch of random images of myself walking around the airport barefooted and feeling very comfortable. As those images start to fade, I start to become lucid (still asleep though) and realize that I’m dreaming. I want to allow the dream to continue but I also realize this is one of those dreams that will never find completion, so I decide to wake up, and here I am writing it all down.

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