My name is Jeremy, and I’m the software architect at a mid/late stage startup that specializes in reputation management and customer engagement through social media. I am an ENTP so I think… um… differently (apparently), so people tend to either love or hate my commentary. If you don’t like the style, please refrain from hate mail and simply move along… or, ask for clarification. I admit that I can be fairly hyperbolous at times.

What I’m hoping to achieve with this blog is to address different coding topics on the higher level as much as possible. Even the tough topics. I tend to look at code in the same way that I look at a car — a box of moving parts. I tend to model my code after real world objects because I believe that keeping the matrix as close to the real world as possible is the easiest way to win the game. I like¬†readable code. I dislike “neckbeards”.

I like to code because it impresses women. Coding is cool #fez

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