Building an aspnetcore linux docker image with Snowflake ODBC drivers installed and DSN configured

So we’re in the middle of testing Snowflake as a data warehouse solution and in addition to testing out it’s performance and general experience, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to communicate with it […]

Why do you code?

I responded to this question on reddit. I just wanted to archive this here —————————————– It is a puzzle that will never be fully solved, and a discipline that you will never master because its “mastery” in this field is […]

Short circuit your code, for science!

I think that the topic of short-circuiting is an under-appreciated one. In short, short-circuiting is simply ending an evaluation the instant it becomes false:

In this example, the second condition doesn’t get evaluated in either case. In the first […]

No really; why should I bother with interfaces? (interfaces in c# part 3)

This is a follow up to my 2 video tutorial “Interfaces in C#”. There were some comments left on the YouTube thread suggesting that some folks are understanding how interfaces work, but still don’t see the point in using them. […]

What the heck is a lambda?

Lambdas? That’s a frat right? Why are they in C#? No no… it’s not a frat! Lambdas are simply a syntax that we use to define anonymous methods. What’s an anonymous method? It’s a method that has no declaration. What’s […]

Liskov Substitution Principle

What is the Liskov Substition Principle (LSP)? Well, honestly, it’s a lot of things and I’m not going to try and explain them all in this article because I’m not even sure I understand it all lol. However, the one […]

Fake data for all!

Currently working on a simple library that will take any object and fill it with fake data. It’ll be optionally configurable on a per object property basis and all that jazz. So far, so good!

Off-label use of the visitor pattern

In this article, I’m going to quickly go over a modified visitor pattern that I use for custom mapping when I’m not off abusing AutoMapper.  I’m not going to explain the visitor pattern here (maybe I will in a different […]